Watershed Sciences

Planning and management on a watershed basis makes practical sense with regard to natural resources and ecosystem functions; in particular, the quality and quantity of water and its effect on the local human, biological, and physical environment.

At ECORP, we use a diverse team of natural resource scientists who work together to provide an analytical approach to watershed planning and management. We balance constraints and opportunities to achieve project goals within the watershed. Our staff use scientific analysis, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and computer-based mapping technologies to assess watershed conditions. Based on watershed assessment and data gaps analysis, we support informational meetings, collaborative processes, and regulatory agency liaison to prioritize management goals and strategies. ECORP also provides effective solutions for managing watersheds across political and jurisdictional boundaries.

Statement of Qualifications

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Fluvial Geomorphology and Hydrology Stream Restoration and Surveys
Fluvial Geomorphology and Hydrology Stream Restoration and Surveys