Water Supply and Operations

Water Supply and Operations

ECORP works with clients and local, regional, state and federal stakeholders using tools developed to understand project and water supply operational goals, objectives, regulatory requirements, and institutional and physical constraints to develop sound information promoting successful decisions. From a hydrologic modeling perspective, ECORP is skilled in many operational modeling platforms (such as OASIS and HEC-ResSIM) as well as the development of custom modeling applications used for water supply operational planning and analysis.

ECORP’s approach to water supply operations and integrated resource planning has always been to represent the technical information, assumptions, institutional/historical background, regulatory integration, and community interests precisely and accurately. This leads to accurate, precise and defensible actions. ECORP is experienced in the development of computer models designed to address many diverse water resources project types including:

  • Water Supply - Evaluation of existing and supplemental water supply through reoperation of existing projects or new minor and major project features.
  • Hydropower - Operation, planning, and feasibility evaluation of modified and new projects.
  • FERC Licensing - Pre- and post-licensing services including project operational alternative analysis for resource impact evaluation.
  • Water Rights - Technical support for water rights strategic planning and state proceedings.

ECORP utilizes advanced technologies to understand water supply and hydropower project operations, revenue, hydrology, hydraulics, and environmental concerns, with interdisciplinary studies in economics, water law, and natural resource science to help maneuver through “big picture” water resources project planning, management, and operation.

Services Provided

Water Supply and Operations
  • Project operational analysis
  • Computer model development for project operation simulation
  • Water supply and hydropower optimization
  • Computer-Aided Negotiation (CAN)
  • Yield evaluation and optimization
  • Alternative comparison studies

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