Water Supply Forecasting

Water Supply Forecasting

ECORP works with water managers, project owners, and operators to develop water supply forecast procedures and forecast inflow to project facilities. Information about the volume of water that can be expected at project facilities is invaluable in assisting in planning, considering project operational decisions, determining demand curtailments, and providing the ability to meet other project needs. Water supply forecasts are commonly used to establish real-time flood control requirements, minimum streamflow requirements, reservoir operation, year type determination, hydropower scheduling, water project operations, and water rights determinations. Water supply forecasting procedures are designed to predict unimpaired or non-regulation streamflow conditions to estimate seasonal water supply in term of total volume of water between the date of forecast and the end of the forecast season. Typically, forecasts are based upon median conditions subsequent to the date of forecast and also expressed in terms of a probability range and an estimated time-distribution of runoff during the forecast period.

ECORP utilizes advanced numerical techniques in development of water supply forecast procedures to understand basic climatological data and provide statistical analysis to produce high quality representative forecast equations and results. Water supply forecast procedures and real-time forecasting has proven very successful for water managers seeking to optimize hydropower and water supply operations.

Services Provided

Water Supply Forecasting
  • Water Supply Forecast Procedures
  • Real-time water supply forecasting
  • Water supply and hydropower optimization
  • Multivariable linear regression
  • Advanced numerical statistical analysis including principle component analysis
  • Advanced computer methods
  • Custom forecast procedure computer model development
  • Climatological data collection and reduction

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