Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management

ECORP provides professional comprehensive strategic water resources planning and analysis services covering a wide variety of water resource projects including water supply, hydropower, conjunctive use, irrigation, and operation. ECORP is skilled in all phases of planning and management of multi-disciplinary projects including economic, natural resources, water rights analysis, regulatory compliance, permitting, litigation technical support, settlement negotiations, water accounting, political, social, and administrative concerns relating to the use and conservation of water. ECORP specializes in utilizing advanced technologies to understand water resources project operations, hydrology, hydraulics, and environmental factors, with interdisciplinary studies in economics, water law, and natural resource science to provide a “big picture” approach to water resources planning, analysis and management.

ECORP applies professional planning techniques and technical water resource system analytical methodologies, with special attention to economic concepts, to conduct in-depth analysis that cross many disciplines and present findings to clients and stakeholders in concise, effective presentations. We are skilled at watershed modeling and developing tools necessary to communicate successfully with stakeholders and provide information required to make successful decisions.

ECORP offers Computer-Aided Negotiations (CAN) and operations exercises in multi-objective, multi-party mediation and conflict resolution. CAN sessions provide a forum to quickly evaluate alternative solutions to these conflicts. These techniques have been successfully used to help resolve possible contentious, high profile, and technically demanding water resources conflicts.

Services Provided

Water Resources Management
  • Strategic planning
  • Settlement negotiation and agreement
  • Computer-Aided Negotiation (CAN)
  • Water supply evaluation
  • Hydroelectric system evaluation
  • Water supply forecasting
  • Watershed hydrology
  • Water rights analysis
  • Water marketing
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing and project operations
  • Preparation of environmental documents
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Integration with Physical/Habitat Models (e.g., PHABSIM, IFIM, SNTemp.)
  • Climate change analysis

For More Information, Contact:

Jeff Meyer, P.E.
Director Water Resources Management
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
2525 Warren Drive
Rocklin, CA 95677
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