Stream Restoration and Surveys

Stream Restoration and Surveys

ECORP provides engineering design, project management, and construction oversight services for stream restoration projects. ECORP projects are designed to emphasize biotechnical streambank stabilization using native vegetation combined with the best available technology in erosion control. ECORP staff are qualified in hydrology, geomorphology, water resources, landscape architecture, soils science, fisheries and amphibians, wildlife biology, botany, forestry/aboriculture, ecology, resource agency permitting, and environmental planning. ECORP staff include registered professional engineers who are certified in the State of California.

ECORP staff of aquatic scientists include benthic macroinvertebrate ecologists, vegetation specialists, and botanists who have been trained in the use of Rosgen and U.S. Forest Service methodology for comprehensive stream surveys. Ecorp performs ecological habitat mapping, biological inventory, and fluvial geomorphologic stream assessment and analysis to produce comprehensive, natural restoration design.

Services Provided

  • Natural channel design realignment
  • Channel hydrology and hydraulic modeling
  • Streambank stability analysis and restabilization plans using biotechnical approaches
  • Revegetation plans and landscape design
  • Open space drainage projects incorporating wetlands, fish habitat improvements, and other bio-engineered features using native plants
  • Watershed hydrology
    Stream Restoration and Surveys
  • Physical habitat assessment and restoration
  • Sediment analysis and erosion studies
  • Stream surveys, substrate analysis, and habitat mapping
  • Rosgen stream classification
  • Stream monitoring site establishment
  • Stream cross-section establishment and monitoring
  • Project management and construction observation

For More Information, Contact:

Bill Christner, PhD
Fluvial Geomorphologist
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
2525 Warren Drive
Rocklin, CA 95677
(916) 782-9100
(916) 782-9134

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