LIDAR Data Acquisition & Analysis

ECORP utilizes the most current mapping technology and data collection processes. One of the most powerful and promising data collection technologies is known as Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR). LIDAR data collection relies on an aircraft mounted, computer controlled laser that records high precision distance measurements, synchronized with a precision survey grade Global Positioning System (GPS) unit and inertia measurement system. As the aircraft passes over the study site it records a high density cloud of x,y,z measurements that can later be interpolated into high density digital terrain models (DTMs) which can be used to develop, topographic contour data, hydrology and vegetation height maps. DTMs interpolated from LIDAR data provide an accurate data source for spatial analysis, terrain modeling and change analysis.

ECORP provides access to LIDAR data collection for our clients through mission planning consultation and liaison between the data collection vendor, ground survey crew, and aerial imagery provider. Also, ECORP can potentially help decrease our clients costs by combining collection orders to create bulk rate flights with lower project origination fees and aircraft ferry charges. LIDAR vendors used by ECORP produce elevation coordinates that meet or exceed National Map Accuracy Standards. LIDAR technology provides a cost-effective data collection method for medium to large project sites.

Services Provided

LIDAR Data Acquisition and Analysis
  • Client consultation for LIDAR data collection
  • Pre-flight project data preparation
  • LIDAR data analysis and modeling
  • Topographic contour development and map production

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