Image Processing & Land Cover Analysis


ECORP maintains an extensive collection of both historic and contemporary aerial photos and remotely-sensed images in a spatial data library. These include datasets from aerial photos taken by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in the 1920s and 1930s, to current multi-band remotely sensed satellite images. Our in-house digital images are either geo-referenced or orthorectified and available for immediate use on projects. ECORP has extensive experience in accessing imagery from federal agencies, archival services and spatial data clearinghouses and can geo-reference most images.

Archival aerials are useful in determining past land use and land cover information, such as historic wetland locations, patterns of agricultural use, and identification of potential cultural resources. Current imagery is useful in conducting site assessments of species habitat, surrounding land use, and site conditions. Multi-spectral imagery can be particularly useful in land cover classification and feature identification, utilizing additional spectral information to quickly identify particular land uses and natural resource features.

Image Processing and Land Cover Analysis

ECORP uses a wide array of image processing software and analysis tools to assist in feature classification and identification. This includes pattern recognition and feature extraction to identify specific features of interest such as individual trees or man-made structures, and multi-band spectral image analysis for identifying trends and land cover classes. ECORP study plans incorporate both supervised and unsupervised classification systems for maximum flexibility. These tools are particularly useful for satisfying general plan provisions for tree canopy preservation and impact analysis. More complex analysis can be completed by combining imagery and Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging (lidar) data to assess vegetation elevations and density.

Services Provided

  • Site photo acquisition
  • Image classification and analysis
  • Tree canopy mapping
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Land cover mapping
  • Impermeable surface mapping

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