Computer-Based Cartography

Computer-Based Cartography

Maps are powerful visual tools for displaying information in a clear and comprehensive format. For this reason, ECORP emphasizes high cartographic quality for all project graphics. The clarity, quality and usability of map products included in project documentation assists in relaying complex concepts to clients, regulatory agencies, and other interested parties. ECORP has extensive mapping capabilities and experience with vector and raster based mapping, construction and landscape plans, three-dimensional representations and renderings, and site illustrations. Additionally our mapping department has experience with animation creation, which is effective when graphically presenting results of analysis and modeling.

Computer-Based Cartography

ECORP offers advanced display capabilities for presentation of “on the fly” mapping, bringing senior mapping staff together with clients, regulators, and other stakeholders to quickly answer questions, analyze scenarios, and display results in a collaborative setting. Other mapping and data display services include web map preparation, and map and graphic creation for interpretive signs and educational materials. ECORP maintains in-house replication equipment for reproducing large format documents and maps, minimizing production time and cost.

Services Provided

  • Small and large format cartographic design
  • Client directed real-time mapping and analysis
  • Data display in axonometric and oblique projections
  • 3D representation of site conditions and analysis results
  • Animations, walk-throughs, and fly-throughs

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