Open Space Management

Open Space Management

ECORP staff have worked extensively with federal and state resource agencies and local jurisdictions to develop open space management plans that meet all of the necessary regulatory requirements pertaining to open space preserves. ECORP also provides biological monitoring to assess the health of open space and facilitate its preservation in its natural state.

ECORP staff are experienced in the preparation of open space management plans for a variety of habitat types from plan development, to drafting deed restrictions, and assissting with conservation easements. In addition, ECORP staff can provide guidance on identifying a Preserve Manager and coordinating the activities that will be necessary to implement the tasks identified in the open space management plan.

Open Space Management

Often, monitoring is a requirement of an open space management plan. ECORP's biologists conduct agency-required surveys including floristic monitoring, special-status species monitoring, site protection monitoring, open space restoration plans, and identification of invasive, non-native plant species for removal or management.

Services Provided

  • Development of open space management/restoration plans
  • Natural resource agency and land trust liaison
  • Preparation of deed restrictions and conservation easements
  • Biological monitoring, as required by management plans
  • Identification of invasive non-native plant species for management
  • Assistance with management of open space areas
  • Assistance in calculating costs for long-term open space management

For More Information, Contact:

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Principal Biological Program Manager (Southern California)
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