Habitat Restoration, Planning, Design and Construction

Habitat Restoration, Planning, Design and Construction

ECORP is experienced in the design, management, and supervision of habitat restoration and construction activities. Our staff prepare design specifications and assist in the bid process. We provide observation and technical assistance during grading and construction of wetland restoration and compensation sites, such as vernal pools, seasonal and perennial wetlands, streams, and upland buffer areas. Our staff also prepare planting plans, specifications, irrigation plans, and provide assistance with implementation of various restored habitats and vegetation communities.

Community Types

  • Vernal pools
  • Fresh water marshes
  • Salt marshes
  • Riparian systems
  • Riverine, ponds and lakes
  • Coastal sage scrub
  • Native grasslands
  • Oak woodlands
  • Desert
Habitat Restoration, Planning, Design, and Construction

Services Provided

  • Baseline data collection
  • Permit applications and agency mitigation consultations
  • Conceptual habitat creation/restoration design
  • Habitat restoration landscape construction documents
  • Construction bid assistance
  • Construction observation
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Habitat success monitoring
  • Invasive exotic species eradication plans

For More Information, Contact:

Mari (Schroeder) Quillman
Principal Biological Program Manager (Southern California)
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
1801 Park Court Palace
Building B, Suite 103
Santa Ana, CA  92374
(714) 648-0630
(714) 648-0935

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