Rapid growth and development throughout California has created a demand for mitigation and restoration of natural habitats. Throughout California’s diverse landscapes, ECORP Consulting has guided clients through the entire process of habitat restoration from the early planning stages through the construction phase and into the long-term monitoring of the restored habitats.

Services offered include:

  • Preliminary environmental review including habitat assessments and surveys
  • Project development and design
  • Landscape design and planting plans
  • GIS support
  • Agency coordination and permitting assistance
  • Construction monitoring and permit compliance
  • Post construction monitoring for success criteria
  • Long-term open space monitoring and compliance

ECORP Consulting provides restoration services in a number of diverse environments including desert habitats, coastal habitats, in-stream habitats, and freshwater wetland habitat for aquatic features such as vernal pools and seasonal wetlands.

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Desert In-Stream Habitat Seasonal Wetland Habitat