Achieving a goal of providing long-term value for all stakeholders is the overarching mission of our mining clients. For all of ECORP’s mining clients, the reference to stakeholders includes shareholders, the community, and the environment in which the facilities operate. Fundamentally, our client’s goals are achieved though the ability to supply essential minerals or infrastructure materials as a low cost producer, and to be an effective steward to the community. For this to happen, the mining sector depends on quality technical experts and experienced management. Careful consideration of the community, regulations, and environmental resources in the planning stages for a facility or reclamation project, as well as specialized support during and after an operation, reduces costly redesign, agency permits, and mitigation and monitoring requirements.

ECORP’s dynamic, solution-oriented technical experts and experienced staff have made the difference for our mining industry clients and their stakeholders for more than 20 years. This has been achieved through specialized and personalized approaches and founded solutions. ECORP provides a wide variety of services from preliminary constraints analyses and baseline biological, cultural resources, and environmental studies, through environmental planning and review, public outreach, permit negotiation, acting as a liaison to resource agencies, mitigation and reclamation design, implementation oversight, and monitoring and compliance reporting. ECORP’s employees represent an experienced team of CEQA/NEPA specialists, environmental analysts, regulatory specialists, biologists (terrestrial and aquatic), wetland scientists, landscape planners, engineers, hydrologists, cultural resource specialists, and geographic information system specialists. ECORP has established very productive and positive relationships with federal and state regulatory agencies, based on technical excellence and a thorough understanding of regulatory processes. We provide proven expertise that adds value to our client’s projects.

We have worked successfully with our clients to create profitable projects and obtained federal, state, and local project approvals by using cutting edge technology and sound scientific data collection and analysis. Please take a moment to review the summary descriptions of Exploration/Operation and Restoration/Reclamation services provided for selected projects using the links on this page.

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