Landscape Architecture

Landscape Aritecture

ECORP Landscape Architects are uniquely trained to analyze, plan, and implement interdisciplinary projects through the nature of their studies and practice of:

  • Environmental Sciences
  • Human Behavioral Science
  • Construction Practices

This training allows ECORP’s team to create urban, suburban, and natural environments that balance the need for physical, emotional, and spiritual living. ECORP specializes in design for healthy living ecosystems, be it in urban or rural environments. We take pride in understanding the ecological systems that allow our environments to grow and thrive while maintaining balance with respect to humans, plants, wildlife, and natural resources.

The Landscape Architecture practice within ECORP has grown from the restoration landscape practice, which is one of ECORP’s core disciplines. As urban and suburban living increases in density, the need for a connection with natural environments is becoming increasingly important. ECORP’s Landscape Architecture professionals have specialized knowledge to maximize the limited opportunities to design natural respite in urban and suburban environments. Our environmental design practices naturally lend ECORP to seek opportunities for:

  • Low Impact Development (LID) practices
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) practices
  • SITESTM voluntary national guidelines for sustainable construction, land design, and long-term maintenance

ECORP is uniquely positioned to leverage the knowledge of our ecologists, botanists, terrestrial biologists, aquatic biologists, CEQA/NEPA specialists, and water resource engineers to understand the science of our natural processes so that we can bio-mimic these processes in our design projects. Having a full understanding of the ecological processes allows our designs to not only be aesthetically beautiful, but ecologically functional at the same time. The balance of form and function allows our design projects to thrive through natural regenerative and sustainable processes.

  • Sustainable Landscape Site Planning
  • Planting and Irrigation Plans
  • Visual Analysis
  • Interpretive and Educational Projects
  • Park and Recreation Design
  • Construction Documentation
  • Urban and Rural Landscape

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