Communication networks have changed dramatically since the early copper cable lines and microwave towers of the 1950s and 60s. These heavily fortified systems that were once built to withstand combat were quickly replaced or supplemented by below ground fiber optics cables and, more recently, cellular towers. The resulting landscape presents many challenges for retrofitting and replacement of these aging and often historic facilities - they are often located in remote areas, including mountain tops and ridges, and tend to serve as beacons for migratory and nesting birds. As a result, the regulatory compliance needs that are associated with retrofitting or replacement can entail a broad suite of environmental assessments.

ECORP's environmental planning team is experienced in the preparation of Environmental Impact Reports, Environmental Impact Statements, and related compliance documentation that is required. Because we have in-house staff of experienced and credentialed biologists, archaeologists, historians, and regulatory permitting staff, we can quickly identify the scope of environmental studies that are appropriate for the particular project.

Environmental Consulting Services for a Fiber Optic Line, San Bernardino County