Local Entitlements

Local Entitlements

ECORP provides project support during the local entitlement process. On a regular basis, ECORP advises landowners on the anticipated regulatory steps required for processing their holdings and achieving the right to develop a property for a particular use. For this purpose, ECORP conducts a due diligence assessment for biological, cultural, and other resources. These types of studies function as an “early warning system” for landowners which can then guide them as to which resource-based studies and federal and state permits are needed during the local entitlement process. The end result of the entitlement process is typically the preparation of the associated CEQA document and issuance of a grading and/or development permit.

Services Provided

  • Biological and cultural resources constraints analysis
  • Public database search for biological resources
  • Jurisdictional wetland delineation
  • Focused surveys for plant and animal species
  • Tree inventories and assessments
  • Cultural resource studies and records searches
  • Mitigation planning and agency negotiation
  • Project impact analysis
  • CEQA document preparation (including technical appendices)
  • Public participation and meetings
  • Resource agency consultation and agency meetings
  • Regulatory permit applications for wetlands
  • Endangered species permitting

For More Information, Contact:

Peter Balfour
Vice President / Director of Biological Sciences
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
2525 Warren Drive
Rocklin, CA 95677
(916) 782-9100
(916) 782-9134

Don Mitchell
Regional Vice President
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
215 N. Fifth Street
Redlands, CA  92374
(909) 307-0046
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