Marine Science Services

Marine Science Services

ECORP's marine biologists and fisheries scientists have extensive experience conducting biological characterizations, ecological monitoring, taxonomic identifications, and environmental impact assessments of fishes and fisheries in coastal marine environments. These assessments have included fish community/population assessments, impact assessments for NEPA and CEQA projects, benthic infaunal and macroinvertebrate community assessments, eelgrass bed mapping and delineation, and Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Monitoring. ECORP scientists have proficient knowledge of coastal ecology, threatened and endangered species surveys, designing and implementing wetland evaluations, marine mammal surveys, and salt marsh and eelgrass habitat assessment and restoration.

Marine Science Services

ECORP maintains a dedicated laboratory for the processing of plankton, fish and sediment samples, with the capability to provide additional taxonomic analysis and species identification for both fishes and benthic infauna. Field data collection methods utilized by ECORP scientists encompass a wide variety of sampling techniques and state of the art technologies, including commonly used fisheries methods (trawls, seines, traps, and core samplers), observational transect data collection utilizing SCUBA, and both photoquadrat and video data analysis with a Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) to characterize marine fishes and nearshore fisheries throughout the eastern Pacific. ECORP maintains a 17-foot Boston Whaler and additional to support craft, for vessel sampling support as well as a diver-based platforms.

Services Provided

  • Marine fisheries assessment/population modeling
  • Marine fish habitat delineation and assessment
  • Estuarine and tidal marsh/seasonal wetland studies
  • Marine trawling and benthic infaunal assessements
  • Marine benthic taxonomic services
  • Bay and baylands fisheries habitat assessment
  • Eelgrass bed density evaluation and monitoring
  • Kelp bed and rocky reef dive surveys
  • Restored tidal marsh habitat monitoring
  • Caulerpa presence/absence surveys

For More Information, Contact:

Todd Chapman
Aquatics Group Manager
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
1801 Park Court Place
Building B, Suite 103
Santa Ana, CA 92701
phone: (916) 782-9100
fax: (916) 782-9134

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