Bat Surveys

Bat Surveys

ECORP has highly qualified staff with expertise and necessary permits to conduct the full range of bat surveys to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies in addition to complying with county and city environmental ordinances. ECORP biologists assist project proponents in designing and implementing projects that avoid or minimize impacts to local bat populations.

Bat Surveys
  • Initial site assessment for bat habitat suitability and potential roost identification
  • Bridge assessments and surveys
  • Roost surveys using a Treetop Peeper™ camera
  • Day/night roost surveys
  • Roost exit surveys
  • Active acoustic surveys (using Anabat II™ broad-band detector with laptop)
  • Passive acoustic monitoring (using Anabat II™ broad-band detector with storage ZCAIM)
  • Mist netting surveys
  • Abandoned mine and cave assessment surveys
  • Developing and implementing California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) mitigation
  • Bat-related education programs

Services Provided

Bat Surveys
  • General and species-specific habitat assessments and surveys
  • Studies (including study design) in support of hydroelectric licensing projects
  • Hydrogeomorphic assessments and flow/habitat studies
  • Impact evaluations
  • Mitigation and monitoring plans
  • Resource agency liaison and negotiation

For More Information, Contact:

Scott Taylor
Inland Empire Biology Manager
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
215 N. Fifth Street
Redlands, CA 92374
phone: (909) 307-0046
fax: (909) 307-0056

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