Amphibian & Aquatic Ecology, Surveys, & Habitat Assessments

California Red-legged Frog, Tiger Salamander, Foothill Yellow legged Frog

ECORP’s biological expertise includes amphibian ecology, survey capabilities and Endangered Species Act and special-status species compliance (listed, special-status, and other species). ECORP biologists hold necessary state and federal permits and have extensive experience conducting habitat assessments, presence/absence surveys, and consultations for several state and federally-listed species and other special-status species throughout California. ECORP has extensive experience designing and conducting studies and surveys for special-status amphibian and reptile species in California’s Central Valley as well as in montane habitats throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Coast Range, and the southern portion of the Cascades Range.

Our biologists have training and experience conducting amphibian surveys using state and federal agency protocols, and have developed standardized methodologies for conducting habitat assessments and visual encounter surveys for a variety of amphibian species. ECORP performs surveys for special-status amphibians and aquatic reptiles throughout California, and has developed management strategies; prepared avoidance, conservation, and mitigation measures; and designed monitoring plans for the following species:

  • California red-legged frog (and northern red-legged frog)
  • California tiger salamander
  • Western spadefoot
  • Yosemite toad
  • Arroyo toad
  • Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frog
  • Foothill yellow-legged frog
  • Cascades frog
  • Chiricahua leopard frog (Arizona)
  • Western pond turtle
  • Giant garter snake


salamanderWestern Pond Turtle

Services Provided

  • General and species-specific habitat assessments and formal surveys
  • Constraints analyses and recommendations
  • Baseline studies in support of hydroelectric relicensing and post-license monitoring
  • Threatened and endangered species studies
  • Hydrogeomorphic assessments and flow/habitat studies
  • Impact evaluations
  • Conservation, mitigation and monitoring plans
  • USFWS Biological Assessments, resource agency liaison and negotiation
  • Construction monitoring

For More Information, Contact:

Eric Stitt
Senior Biologist / Herpetologist
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
2525 Warren Drive
Rocklin, CA 95677
(916) 782-9100
(916) 782-9134


Scott Taylor
Inland Empire Biology Manager
ECORP Consulting, Inc.
215 N. Fifth Street
Redlands, CA 92374
(909) 307-0046
(909) 307-0056

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